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Insurance Agent Tech Articles

Drip marketing for Insurance Agents


So what exactly is drip marketing? Last month I bought a shirt from an online retailer that I had never bought from before. My shirt arrived, fit well, I was happy about my purchase and went on with my life. A few weeks later I received an email from that company letting me know that they were having a shirt ... Read More »

5 tips to make your insurance website not suck


  With more and more clients researching their insurance agents online, having a killer website is not only a good idea but vital for a successful insurance practice.  When prospects or referrals look you up online, what’s their impression when they look at your website? What if the only chance you had to impress a prospect was by the look ... Read More »

New Life Insurance Underwriting Process is Creating Buzz


A new underwriting process for life insurance that allows clients to purchase up to $1,000,000 of coverage without taking an exam is creating a lot of buzz these days. Since the announcement a few months back, many agents have been waiting with bated breath to find out exactly how this thing works. So I don’t get slammed by compliance, we ... Read More »

Part 2: Can a CRM kill your insurance agency? Q&A w/ Mark Chai


Today we are looking at the second part of my conversation with Mark Chai of NexusHQ. If you missed the first part of our conversation you can check it out here. We are going to look at some of the challenges agencies are facing when it comes to technology and some trends in insurance technology industry that are changing the ... Read More »

Part 1: Can a CRM Kill Your Insurance Agency? : Q&A with Mark Chai


In the constantly evolving insurance marketplace the use of a Client Resource Management (CRM) can truly set an agency apart from it peers. On the other hand, having an outdated CRM will be the slow killer for many agencies not willing to adapt. I have asked Mark Chai of NexusHQ to answer some questions surrounding using a CRM and how ... Read More »

Awesome Productivity Hack: Find your 20%


Being Productive. We all know that being productive is one of the most important things we can focus on. Our caffeine driven culture is all consumed with doing more things, more efficiently. Becoming the super achiever you desire to be is a lot easier if you first determine your 80/20: 80/20: Pareto’s Law The idea of 80/20 was developed by ... Read More »

Key to success: Measurement and Accountability


Is that e-mail marketing campaign bringing in any new business? How about your website? Have you ever had a conversation with another agent about how they were reluctant to spend money on something because the last time they tried it, they didn’t have much success?  I bet if you dug a little deeper you would find out a common issue: ... Read More »

It’s time to get started. now.


I want to ask you a question. What’s holding you back? Is there a business you’ve wanted to start, a hobby to get into, a  goal you’ve wanted to attain? So why have you not started yet? A few years ago I heard a quote that really resonated with me. A conversation with a friend recently reminded me of this ... Read More »

5 Best (free) IPhone apps for Life Insurance Agents!

large iphone

  # 5. Life Foundation Needs Calculator: Free This app is quick and simple. It will tell you EXACTLY how much life insurance a client needs based on their current situation. Just input your client’s final expenses, debt, education, income replacement, spouse’s earning, inflation, and investment return and the app will calculate exactly how much life insurance your client will ... Read More »

Free Google Tool Every Insurance Agent Should Use


Are you are looking for some new tools to help you be more effective in your insurance practice? Some of the best ones around are offered free from Google and most agents don’t know about them. I was an early adopter of google since my first g-mail account in 2005. Since that time Google has come out with some amazing tools ... Read More »