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Insurance Agent Tech Articles

Creating a good-looking professional logo for $5!

Image via Fiverr About a year ago I was looking for help designing a logo for one of my websites. I didn’t want to spend that much so I started digging around. Eventually I stumbled across the site and used one of the sellers to design a logo for me. The results I got back were fantastic and well ... Read More »

Will Life Insurance Agents Exist In The Future?

Over the past few years we have all undoubtedly seen commercials for some of the biggest life insurance carriers advertising directly to consumers.  The most prominent example is Met Life’s campaign that sounds strikingly like a Select Quote advertisement with Snoopy touting one dollar per day term life insurance. For most agents, this was the first example of a major company coming right out ... Read More »

Introducing the Insurance Agent Technology Forum

Forum screenshot Aug 14 07-44-21

It’s an exciting day here at the blog because we now have a place for insurance agents to connect, shares ideas, ask questions, and help each other out. Collaboration is the key to success and the forum is a place to collaborate! Feel free to start topics that are of interest to you or you feel would bring value to others. ... Read More »

4 (FREE) Apps for Life Insurance Agents


Today we look at 4 FREE apps that life insurance agents can use to grow their business and become more efficient. If you missed the first version you can check it out here.  Fiverr This is a fantastic app that allows users all over the world to provide their services for $5. This can be anything from logo creation to ... Read More »

Agent Spotlight: Jim Schubert


I am starting a new series of posts spotlighting agents that are on the forefront of using technology to grow their practice. My hope is that by hearing from these agents you will gain a few nuggets that you can take back to your practice and use immediately. If you know of an agent that is leveraging technology to grow ... Read More »

Drip marketing for Insurance Agents


So what exactly is drip marketing? Last month I bought a shirt from an online retailer that I had never bought from before. My shirt arrived, fit well, I was happy about my purchase and went on with my life. A few weeks later I received an email from that company letting me know that they were having a shirt ... Read More »

5 tips to make your insurance website not suck


  With more and more clients researching their insurance agents online, having a killer website is not only a good idea but vital for a successful insurance practice.  When prospects or referrals look you up online, what’s their impression when they look at your website? What if the only chance you had to impress a prospect was by the look ... Read More »

New Life Insurance Underwriting Process is Creating Buzz


A new underwriting process for life insurance that allows clients to purchase up to $1,000,000 of coverage without taking an exam is creating a lot of buzz these days. Since the announcement a few months back, many agents have been waiting with bated breath to find out exactly how this thing works. So I don’t get slammed by compliance, we ... Read More »

Part 2: Can a CRM kill your insurance agency? Q&A w/ Mark Chai


Today we are looking at the second part of my conversation with Mark Chai of NexusHQ. If you missed the first part of our conversation you can check it out here. We are going to look at some of the challenges agencies are facing when it comes to technology and some trends in insurance technology industry that are changing the ... Read More »

Part 1: Can a CRM Kill Your Insurance Agency? : Q&A with Mark Chai


In the constantly evolving insurance marketplace the use of a Client Resource Management (CRM) can truly set an agency apart from it peers. On the other hand, having an outdated CRM will be the slow killer for many agencies not willing to adapt. I have asked Mark Chai of NexusHQ to answer some questions surrounding using a CRM and how ... Read More »